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ZETA SRL - Maritime labours

We have been carrying out excavations and dredgings for 100 years. Nowadays this sector has become one of the primary resources in our area and in the whole lagoon too. Inside this context, the “Boscolo Zemello” family started to operate since the ‘70s, initially with the business “Boscolo Mauro, Romeo & C. S.n.c”, that has been founded in 1979, and later with the incorporation, by merging, of their company into the new firm Zeta S.r.l., in 2008.

Mission statement

To carry out excavations and dredgings,
which we have been doing for more than 100 years.

Who we are

We started in 1979 with the general partnership
“Boscolo Mauro, Romeo & C. S.n.c”,
that has been later incorporated in 2008, through a merger, in the new limited liability company Zeta S.r.l.

Tel. +39 041 8942212
Fax. + 39 041 4967958
Mob. +39 347 9008639


  • It is able to make and sustain significant investments and therefore to acquire media and technologically advanced equipment in the industry
  • Implement a strong strategy that has proven successful so far (even the latest investments are the result of a company policy aggressive and focused, aimed at acquiring further market share and to a widening of geographic operation)
  • It has expertise and know-how specific thanks to the use of highly qualified and skilled
  • It has good flexibility and adaptability to the needs of its customers


Discover all the services we offer.

Coastal Defences

• Construction and maintenance of grazing, supporting and raised reefs;
• Construction and maintenance of coastal groynes;
• Construction of raised and submerged nourishments;
• Restoration and rebalancing of sandy shores

Dredging and excavation of canals

• Port and coast dredging;
• Canal excavation and profiling;
• Disposal/confinement of dredged sediments;
• Delivery of dredged sediments;
• Excavations by means of booms forturbidity monitoring;
• Transport of contaminated sludge

Port works

• Construction and maintenance of breakwaters;
• Construction and maintenance of quays and piers;
• Construction and maintenance of structures for vessels’ mooring;
• Laying of floating jetties;
• Construction, transport and laying of rocks

Environmental morphology

• Environmental naturalisation and redevelopment of morphological structures;
• Coastal and lagoon environmental protection/restoration works.

Specialized activities

• Installation and extraction of metal sheet piling, centrifugally cast concrete, steel, wooden posts;
• Assistance to off-shore works;
• Positioning and recovery of buoys;
• Marine salvages;
• Maritime and rivertransports.

Additional and complementary services

• Execution oftopographic and bathymetric surveys;
• Assistance to geotechnical surveys;
• Seabed levelling;
• Environmental controls;
• Hire of operating and non-operating equipment.

Our Ships

Discover all our ships and their characteristics.



    ZETA S.R.L. is committed to guaranteeing a working environment in which every person can
    express your potential.


  • AMTIVO ITALIA SRL - ISO 9001:2015

    Execution of maritime and dredging works. Rental of construction machinery for maritime and river works.


  • Anti bribery policy


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  • ESNA SOA – OG7 category – maritime labors and dredgings

    In order to preserve the health and security of our employees, the company has implemented the Organisational and Management Model, accordingly to the laws D.Lgs. 231/2001 and D.Lgs. 81/2008, concerning health and safety in the workplaces


  • Registration in the Italian National register of environmental operators

    The categories of the registrations are:
    Category 4: “Collection and Transport of NON-HAZARDOUS SPECIAL WASTE, produced by third parties”
    Category 5: “Collection and transport of HAZARDOUS WASTE”

  • Model of Organization and Management under the Legislative Decree no. 231/2001

    To protect the health and safety of its workers , the company has implemented the Organizational and Management pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231/2001 and Legislative Decree no . 81/2008 on health and safety at job

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  • Management system SMS (safety management system)

    It is a structured and documented system enabling Company personnel to implement effectively the policy for safety and environmental protection established by the Company itself. The Company states that all transactions carried out by its staff , both on land and on board ships , should highlight the commitment that the objectives of the ISM Code are met:
    1. to ensure safety at sea;
    2. prevent injury or loss of life;
    3. avoid damage to the environment, particularly the marine environment;
    4. avoid property damage


  • AMTIVO ITALIA SRL - ISO 45001:2018

    Certificated the occupational health and safety management system operated.
    Execution of maritime and dredging works. Rental of construction machinery for maritime and river works.


  • AMTIVO ITALIA SRL - ISO 14001:2015

    Certificated the environmental management system.
    Execution of maritime and dredging works. Rental of construction machinery for maritime and river works.


  • Company policy

    Zeta S.r.l., in line with its history and its business face
    the execution of maritime works such as coastal defense, dredging and excavation
    channels, highly qualified specialist works, has defined this Policy
    company as a reference of the Management System.

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  • IBC - CERTIFICATO UNI PdR 125:2022

    Certification of the management system for gender equality


  • POLICY SA8000

    Standard for worker safety and well-being






Local, national and international newspapers have written about us.

  • Steel giant enters the sea. In the name of God

    Yesterday at 15.30 the ship was launched Fabio D. the shipping company Zeta Srl of Sottomarina.
    The ceremony took place with the blessing of the monk Romano nearby, ancient parish of the Tomb of Adria. The cry “in the name of God cuts” the ship fell into the waters of the Canal Bianco, wet to the breaking of the bottle of sparkling wine strictly Italian, launched with vigor by the godmother, Mrs. Marvi, wife of Mauro Boscolo, owners of the company Zeta, which owns the ship.
    The boat was dedicated to Fabio Duò, co-owner of the shipyard Vittoria Spa, disappeared in September last year. The decision on the express wish of the Boscolo family that he shared with the major project, with great passion and enthusiasm since its initial idea, the last day of construction.

  • Hopper Dredger modern unit built by the shipyard Victory

    "Launched on June 22 at Adria by Cantieri Navali Vittoria (godmother Ms Marvi, wife of shipowner Mauro Boscolo), held in Porto Levante, the M/V " Fabio Duò " was opened on September 23 in Marghera from the shipping company ZETA Ltd. Chioggia - Sottomarina (Venice) .
    The unit is of type HD (hopper dredger), classified by RINA, sailing within 20 miles from the Mediterranean coast and travel a maximum of 12 hours, it is capable of undertaking the work of excavation in the Venetian lagoon and transportation of its waste material. This new ship was christened with the name of the co-founder of the Cantieri Navali di Vittoria, died prematurely..."

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  • Liebherr’s HS 8300 HD for Italian Customer

    September 24, 2016.
    Liebherr has just announced that their first model of the HS 8300 HD, the largest duty cycle crawler crane of Liebherr’s well-known HS series, has been sold to the Chioggia (Italy) based customer Zeta S.r.l.
    This piece of equipment will be installed on a ship for various dredging jobs in the Mediterranean Sea and it will be part of the equipment of a 41,000 ton heavy ship manufactured by Cantiere Navale Vittoria S.p.A, which can be classified as hopper dredger ship.
    This ship is intended to maintain navigable waterways in the Mediterranean Sea, especially trough deepening those canals that are seriously threatened of becoming silted.
    The strong upper-carriage of the HS 8300 HD is ideal for the high dynamic loads that have to be withstood during maritime operations like dredging. This not only means higher effective performance for the user but also reduced wear and correspondingly longer service life.

  • Crane record for the new ship ordered by Zeta

    September 24, 2016.
    A crane was purchased for a record to be installed on a working ship Italian record. The game of words used to describe the acquisition, by the company Zeta Srl in Chioggia, the first unit of cranes Liebherr HS 8300 HD, hoisting machine specially designed for works of excavation and dredging of the seabed and channels. This crane, weighing 240 tons, an arm of 41 meters underwater and buckets of 20 cubic meters capacity, will be delivered in early 2016 for the installation of a new ship under construction at Adria (Rovigo) and predicted an investment of 3 million Euro. Zeta is a company able to provide services maritime works and coastal defense, environmental morphology, specialist works and dredging and excavation of canals and backdrops.


Varo Fabio Duò

Zeta S.r.l.
T+ +39 041 4967958
Viale Marco Polo, 197 - 30015 Chioggia, Venice, Italy